Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can You be Both?

Can you be both an Organized Person and a Messy Person?
I have some rooms in my house that are terrifying. No matter how hard I try, I cant seem to keep them clean.
In those rooms, I have very organized areas. I love tinkering with them, organizing, sorting, purging, sorting then putting things into neat, clean, well organized Homes, be it containers, crates, bins, tubs, or just on shelves.

I have been like this my entire life, I have certain areas in every room that I would like to throw out and start over again as well as hyper organized areas (Bugs toy Bin that will be moving BACK upstairs is one of those Hyper organized areas) She has each of her categories of toys in their own tubs, several of those tubs actually have smaller containers separating more categories (arts and crafts cubbies...anyone?)

How do I get the organizing side to win over the messy side of me? I do not like being an Organized Messy. While I can find things without a thought more than 90% of the time, how do I get past that clutter, that seems to breed when I am not looking?

My Goal is to eventually be able to have people com into my house that are not family without being embarrassed. Currently, My Mom and MIL are the only two I don't completely freak out over entering my home. Unfortunately, that's because Neither of those women were successful housekeepers either, and I know my home is neater than theirs was.

All of my rooms are 15 minutes from clean, so why do the OTHER in laws only give me 5 minutes worth of warning before they show up? Ahh, well, its improving day by day.

God Please give me the Grace to help me Get it mastered so that I might be able to train the Bug to not keep a disastrous house when she is old enough.

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