Sunday, September 2, 2007

What kind of Homeschooler?

I am totally dumbfounded, I just took this quiz from Guilt free Homeschooling. I am so so dumbfounded, I never would have imagined my results. I never in a million years would have classified our style as unschooling. I have always had the preconceived notions that unschoolers don't do anything. I don't know why, probably because its not scheduled. We do things, We use a curriculum, sometimes. We do unit studies, sometimes. We read, A LOT. Bug is 5 years old and working on stuff in Kindergarten and First Grade levels from a workbook style curriculum, she plays, helps me clean the house, and just about everything we do, We do together.

I had always considered myself more of the eclectic type, but I guess when I write down the spontaneity of our days, we are unschooling. I hate being tied down to a schedule, I have tried them several times. I was gifted the MOTH book by a good friend of mine and have discovered that nothing gets done if I put times where we are to break our day. I do love the schedule, we use more of a check list to measure what gets done though.

I guess its ok to be an unschooler, Bug is still learning quite a bit and keeping me on my toes. This week we are going to be notebooking the life of a moth since it was in today's newspaper. They even provide a lesson plan for teaching it.

Happy Labor Day Here's to a great unschool year.

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Christine said...

I took the quiz too ... just like you ... considered myself quite eclectic, but it measured me as an unschooler! Who woulda' thunk it?? ha!