Monday, September 10, 2007

A New Schedule

Well today we supposedly tried a new schedule, LOL, It DID NOT work.
Last night Bug had a HORRIBLE night, she fought going to sleep til almost 10pm and even then it was not without a fight. Now, before you start worrying about her being sick, or scared, or something legitimate and having a rough night, be forewarned, there was nothing wrong other than her not wanting to go to sleep.

Our Night went something like this... Bug, its time to get ready for bed, Go Brush your teeth...she goes into the bathroom, I hear water, Now, she does know how to do this all on her own, and I do not NORMALLY need to supervise, but I guess Last night was NOT normal. Fifteen Minutes you still HAVE teeth? No mom, I still need to Brush my teeth.... What were you doing? Uhm Uhm UHM.
Now I am frustrated, go in BRUSH her teeth For her and tell her to GO TO BED. Good thing we did prayers ten minutes before the fiasco.
It is now 8:50 (mind you, we started with prayers at 8:15) I get her laid down. Leave the room and I hear MOMMMMMMMY. What Bug? I love you. I love you too, NOW go to sleep.
9:15 she is STILL talking (no one in the room to answer, but I guess) 9:20, Mommmmmmy? Go to Sleep. 9:35 MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ok, Get your Bottom upstairs, YOU were told to go to sleep almost an hour ago. Now remember, in the middle you don't hear the patient momma finding out WHAT she needs each time, or the multiple warnings that she needs to not worry about the light, the cat, and the TV in the other room if she wants to sleep downstairs.
I take her up stairs, put her to bed, Turn the fan on, and WAHHHHHHH, I cant find Giraffe, this cute little stuffed giraffe, so here we go again, 20 minutes of crying over choices.
GRR, right now, I am so glad we are dealing with the infertility, because If I had two children, I wouldn't have survived (or she wouldn't be out of her room YET)
I slept with Giraffe to calm her, lol. And at 4:30am or so, a Bug was sleeping on my floor, happy to have her giraffe back.

Tonight WILL be different. At 7:30 we will be reading Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne, ONE chapter, and she will be going to bed UPSTAIRS, at 8pm. No ifs ands or buts about it.

We will Begin our schedule again on Tuesday, maybe we will get SOMETHING of it done.
The Chores, NO, because we have errands to run (need Ground beef and Eggs for Meatloaf) and I will need to disassemble the futon for the free cycle posting, and Move the wood and pipes as well as the other trash out front for tomorrows Great Garbage pick up. And we shall be done.

Tomorrow, evening I will post to let you know how it went.

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