Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I have been home for 5 days, have had two doctor appointments (one more at the end of the week)
I got my staples out discovered part of the problem with my shunt and learned that the doc did NOT know I had been readmitted.
We are going to be checking some medical reasons as to why I can't lose weight, the three docs will be working together on this.

The Headaches are really really bad lately. I guess I should have been prepared for that when I learned he was only able to take it out, but we may replace the shunt at a later time if we ever get the weight off.

God has been good, I am getting strength back in my right leg, church is going to be helping with finding someone who needs a job to help me clean (my father in law is planning on paying for it)
The Physical Therapist and Nurse are scheduled to be here in the morning. Looking forward to the evaluations to see whats going to happen from here.

Overall, Trying to remain positive seems to be the biggest battle, for ALL of our family. I am healing well, my blood pressure is good, my heart is good, and I am happy since I feel like I will be getting better soon.

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