Wednesday, February 27, 2008

STOP, I want it all to stop

Ok, I got some test results back, not all of them, but the blood results, my sugar was a bit high, not high enough for diabetes, but because of my lack of eating my nurse is going to bring me a diabetic diet anyhow, she said it will probably help boost my metabolism and help actually lose weight.

I think that yesterday was the first time I actually talked to my nurse about any real concerns I had, probably because it was the first time I didn't have the answers already, my doctors do a pretty good job of answering what I ask.

The other two were normal, thyroid (always has been) and Cholesterol, that makes me happy seeing how I really was not wanting to fill the meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, and something else, that I can't remember. There were about 9 scripts they wanted me to get, and most were cardiology meds that the cardiologist told me I really didn't need, so they tested to make sure. I am relieved as most don't come in generic, and I don't have prescription coverage yet.

In other news, the PTC is getting the better of me and I will have to talk to the docs next week about going back on meds, the headaches are growing exponentially in magnitude and its getting almost as bad as when I was first diagnosed. I know its for God's glory, I just really want to know WHAT he has in mind.

I guess I may never know his plan, but I do know it will work how its supposed to no matter what.

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