Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Journey

Never pray for God's will unless you are capable of accepting WHATEVER that may mean.

This has been one ROUGH Ride. I came in Friday a week ago to have a simple back surgery. My neurosurgeon was a very trusted doctor, now I dont trust ANY medical professionals.

I came out of surgery not breathing properly and in excruciating pain. They sent me home anyhow, oh ya, and I had NO use of my legs.
Saturday, I called the hospital, and they had me come back, they put me on some heavier duty pain meds, anti nausea meds, and then I collapsed as they went to send me home again.

Ok, this is where it gets fun. On Sunday night they admited me to 5th floor I was a bit stressed, in LOTS of pain, and given lots of pain and nausea meds. Too much actually on Monday I had a heart attack from the overdose. My pain was still really bad, but now I was off the pain meds because they didn't get along with my heart.

Tuesday they transferred me to the second floor where I was for the next several days, They had me on lots of heart monitors and sent me for lots of tests, it was touch and go and very scary not knowing what was happening. Last night I was finally transferred out of Progressive care and back to a regular floor. This morning they totally freaked me out telling me that they wanted to admit me to a rehab facility for 2 more weeks. I am hobbling around nicely now. No, its still not easy, but I REFUSE to be admitted to Rehab. I will walk. I will get through this, and I am not staying in this mad house another night.

I have met several really wonderful people, gotten to tell them how wonderful God is, got to talk about homeschooling even met a lady who lives literally RIGHT down the street from me. How cool is that.

God was looking out for me, but its definitely been a rough ride.

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