Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things are Improving

Although its going to be a long healing process, I am seeing a lot of improvement.

Monday night, after getting quite lost and frustrated (Southfield needs to light their city at night) I had my sleep study done. Hopefully I will have the results by the end of the week. According to the tech though, he said it looks like I have what would be classified as Moderate Sleep Apnea. This means I will likely have to make another trip to the sleep lab to program a CPAP. I am not thrilled in the least, but I will be waiting for the results anyhow. I don't see the Doctor til March 5th (a busy day since I see the neurosurgeon in the morning first)

Tuesday morning I had the two hour Glucose Tollerance Test, Lauren did so well sitting for 2 1/2 hours in a waiting room. My fasting glucose was really good, only 98, but now we wait on the rest of the results, should get those by the end of the week too.

That brings us to Today. The Physical Therapist will be here in about an hour, the occupational therapist in about 2 hours, but today is my first day with just Lauren and I here alone for the day.
She has been such a huge help to me. I am so proud of that little girl. She has taken so much responsibility with me using the walker. Even though I can do a lot on my own now again, she is helping with things I can not do. She is not even complaining.
We aren't getting a lot of school done except lots of reading but I am sure that will change soon enough as I heal more.

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