Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bits and Bytes

I am still puttering about getting things done incredibly slowly.

My brain hurts to even think, and once again, I seem to have slept or rested way more than I feel I should need in a given day.

Lauren worked on Nutritious November worksheets and is going to be working on how to find healthier choices among what we really want. Lucky Charms isn't a healthy choice regardless of how yummy they taste. has some really cool links for preschoolers that we printed off to help us choose the perfect amounts per meal. Since I will be working my way down to her serving size, it should be pretty good for both of us.

Friday I have my appointment with my Michigan Works counselor, I need to call the transcript lady tomorrow to make sure that everything gets in the system (or I will have to go back again)
Yesterday I called and my blood work was being faxed over to the rheumatologist, that appointment is on Monday and I am VERY nervous at this point. Maybe if I felt a bit better I wouldn't be half as anxious.

My thoughts aren't making much sense right now so I better stop writing before I scramble something important.

Good Night

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