Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Aching Me

I would love to say that I feel really good about things, but right now I have been in a lot of pain for two days.
Voting turned out to be long lines even in the morning and I should have gone absentee since by the time we were done with all of our Tuesday activities I was in SOOOO much pain. I will live, but I am sore.

I can't even isolate what hurts, but today Lauren took care of me, did her school and was a Huge help. I am so glad we home school, on days like today, there is no way I could handle her being in school...I couldn't get her to a bus, or back off. Days like today, she takes care of me, and learns....She learns compassion and how to care for others, she learns how to be self sufficient, and she learns how to make sure that she stays OUT of trouble.

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