Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miserable but functioning

Well, I am determined not to stop functioning despite feeling as bad as I do.
I am sleeping more and resting more but still aiming to get SOMETHING done every day. Its a long road when you don't know what's ahead.

My appointment with the Rheumatologist is in SIX days, its been a long 7 weeks to get here.

This morning I registered for classes at the local community college. Applied Math for Medical Assistants, Business Communications, Human Anatomy and Physiology (hopefully) and Medical Terminology.

This afternoon we are doing school and probably some chores. My goal is to work in bits since I can't seem to manage bites at this point.

My head is getting to the point where I am ready to request a spinal tap or a new medicine...and I am just tired of feeling lousy, and Chris hates his job which isn't helping, he is always angry and stressed out. Grumble

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