Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today we Visited a New Church

I didn't want to change churches, but the drive has just gotten to be too much to do it when there are churches around here that share my beliefs.

We had visited one, and while I felt welcomed, it didn't feel like home.
Today we visited another, a little closer, and it was just amazing.
I haven't felt that welcomed since I was in the church we were at before we moved.
They have children...and they are mostly HOME SCHOOLED an added plus.
They have an adult and children's Sunday School, something I find important.

I was just so amazed to actually find a potential home less than 3 miles away. There are no lights between my home and the is a straight shot down M-19...I will go throughout the months of November and December and make a final decision if its home in January.

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