Sunday, December 28, 2008

Been SO Busy

We had a play date this weekend, Lauren had a blast.

We had Christmas with family, I am tired, it was good, but overwhelming. My body rebelled and I have been in almost constant pain since.

Tomorrow I see the Rehab doctor. I have LOTS of questions for him. Hope he has time to answer them.

I have been tired and in a lot of pain for the last week or so, I do not know what to expect next. My swelling has gone down significantly with the prednisone, but it didn't help with the pain or anything else, and it caused mood swings that scared my family.

Church is amazing, I feel so at home here.

Lauren had a blast at her party, there were 4 other girls there, they played really well together but she has a real bond with the one that is closest to her age, its pretty remarkable. I am amazed.

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