Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lets play catch up

Lets try again :-) this time I won't hit enter BEFORE I type.

Thank goodness for Edit buttons.

Its Thursday, I am exhausted, its been a busy week and today is yet another busy day.
As for Tuesdays post, a little more detail.

I went to the Rheumatologist in the morning, my ANA and ESR blood tests were still high all other lupus bloodwork came back negative. She was suprised thinking maybe the high ANA the first time was a fluke, the swelling and nerve issues are still really bothering me.

We are trying prednisone and going to go for an MRI after I get it scheduled I will call today.

After that I had an interview, I do not feel all that confident, I am not a marketing person and thats what this job is.

Then I went SHOPPING. I came home with $150 worth of groceries (plus a HUGE bag of free Buffalo from the inlaws)
We have a Huge selection at least for dinners, lunches are a bit trickier, and I still need to shop for breakfast and a few select ingredients.

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