Monday, December 15, 2008

When All Looks Lost, Remember that He who Created it doesn't need a compass

Well things are going rather groggily along.
The topamax is definitely controlling the migraines, how can I tell this will daily still mind numbing headaches? well there are definitely differences in the headaches I have now and the ones I was having before, I hate to say this but I was likely having PTC, CHIARI and Migraines all wrapped up into one day making my days a lot worse. I am more tired now and food is repulsive but thats all good because I am definitely seeing some relief albeit not much.

I scheduled my mri, its tomorrow at 1:30, I have another interview at the school tomorrow too, this isn't a job I applied for though, I have LOTS of experience, but the hours didn't work for my schedule, but she called me, as she had some schedule changes. See God provides.

After that I changed my first drs appointment of the year to make it a tad easier than fighting the medicaid battle in the first 6 days of the year. Dh is still job hunting without much success.

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