Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February has been a whirlwind of change and it’s only been here a little over a week

Oh my goodness where to start?

I saw my neuro Feb3rd, He is sending me to a Neurosurgeon March 5th, I have an MRI on Friday for that appointment, he also changed my meds, added Amitriptyline to my list to help me sleep through the pain that's been waking me at night, and ordered some blood work, thought I had Diabetic Neuropathy.

I saw my Pulmonologist February 5th She is sending me for a 2D Echo (yet to be scheduled), She did a Chest X-Ray and Adjusted my CPAP down to a 14 from a 16.

On February 8th I met the Endocrinologist, Uhm, that was an interesting appointment, she did an A1C that came out normal, actually a little below normal, However she gave me instructions on HOW to lose weight, and MY family is Rebelling.

There is NO MORE going out to eat, Uh, I figured the person to struggle with that most would be Lauren, but no, it's Chris. I figured I would struggle most with the NO RED MEAT, But no, that's Chris, I figured the NO juice, would Be ME, but no That's Lauren, I like Juice (its replaced Pop for me since carbonation makes me sick.

So what Can I have, Veggies, Fruits, White meats, (Fish, Chicken, Turkey), Oils (in Moderation, which means VERY LITTLE) No solid fats) Lemonade made with 2teaspoons of sugar per 8oz glass (that equals about a quarter cup of sugar per half gallon, I use about ¾ cup lemon juice to that same half gallon)

It is VERY challenging for me, but I think my family is struggling much more, because they don't like change, but I am hoping the benefits to them are great too, in just two days, I have lost another 3lbs. (I have about way more to go, let's get that Wii Workout burning)

So after some very express hurt feelings this morning, Chris is upset with me for actually listening and not going out, and offering him suggestions (he got mad at me for not being willing to go out anyhow) I told him he could fend for himself and I would cook for myself today. I am not going to kill myself for them, and if he wants to kill him and Lauren (who refuses to eat healthy too right now, so beit. They WILL come around.) Especially when his unemployment runs out and there is NO money to go out on. I will not be a part of him throwing the money out on a regular basis ANYMORE.

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