Friday, February 5, 2010

I am drained

Literally, I had my blood work run this Thursday morning. I arrived at the lab bright and early got registered, then came the challenges, Dr. Turner ordered a TSH, Glucose Tolerance Test and SED rate along with B-12 and Vitamin D levels…Ok, I am on Medicare with the disability, it's the only insurance I have at this time, so insurance is all HOOPS. Thanks to the hospital I am going through for MOST of my care, they are willing to jump through those hoops for me, since the first 3 tests were not covered with the original diagnosis code, they called the office and went through a list of code until we got one that worked. It was too funny, but they were more than willing to go the extra mile so I was not stuck with a HUGE bill, all but one of the tests is covered IN FULL.

And after FOUR blood draws out of the same vein, miracle of all miracles, 12 hours later I still do not have a bruise, if only nurses could get an IV in that way, lol.

For the first time having the Glucose Tolerance test I had the Lemon Lime instead of the usual Orange or Grape, I am so glad I did, I am not a pop drinker anymore, and I think the orange would have made me sick. I will have results sometime between next week and April 2nd depending on what the results are.

I had a couple slightly better days but my normal is back, I am so glad my doc looks at the whole picture and says that a good day once in a while is not an improvement. I am so glad he understands how this works, he was proud of the weight loss too despite how it's coming off. We would rather see weight loss based off of changes that did not involve me being too sick to function 4 or more days per week.

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Anonymous said...

Glad they worked with the insurance deal. Oh how hoop jumping can cause such a strain.

4 blood draws sounds yecky.

Hope you have more and more great days and less of the painful ones.