Friday, August 24, 2007

Master of the Wind

Well we got hit with a MASSIVE thunderstorm while we were at the store
Flooded the parking lot to the middle of the car tires
The store LOST POWER
tornado warnings and touchdowns a county over
lights out on the way home
flooded roads, Boy, I am glad to be home,
the milk and one case of coke came in,
the kitty litter is Probably RUINED,
the cat food, well it will need to dry out,
Bug feels safe now that we are back home,
The rest of the groceries will come in when the rain STOPS.
and poor DH was worried sick....
isn't life grand

The song we sang on the way home, because Bug was terrified was I know the Master of the wind It is such a calming song in the midst of any storm.

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