Sunday, July 29, 2007

Destiny and Ministry

Church is amazing. Service was about Joseph today, specifically his destiny, his dreams and his future and our destiny.
This made so much sense to me because I have seen so many people be prolific worriers, Paranoia is so common among those I know, probably because I have an interest in preparedness. I am not an extremest though, and today I finally, for the first time, realize why I am not an extreme preparedness person. Our pastor was talking about the pit, where Joseph was thrown in by his brothers and how we react to being in the pit.

There were a few ways he cited that we handle the pit.
  1. The Pit? What Pit? I do NOT claim this pit
  2. The pit and I are one.
  3. I am in this pit and Its my destiny.
  4. I am in this pit and its my ministry.

Well, he showed examples of all of them, the one that got my goat the best was this is my ministry, Yes, our trials do play a part in our ministry, but goodness, make sure that pit isn't the one in control, make sure you are coming OUT of the pit. Just as Joseph didn't stay in that pit, don't make it your ministry of misery. You are not helping anyone by being down all the time, when you are engulfed in a fury of worry, you become very lonely and afraid to be out. You are miserable, and make those around you miserable as well. Last time I checked, I serve a God this is Greater than my problems.

Telling Satan to leave you alone eggs him on to keep attacking more, instead verbalize that GOD will bring you through this trial as he has others, and you will be victorious through Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY one that has that kind of power. And he alone controls our destiny.

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