Friday, July 13, 2007

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Ok, so that was by Ben Franklin, but I am more inclined to say a refrigerator saved is a refrigerator earned. After the bar on the fridge that came with the house broke (the kinds that hold the door stuff ON the door) and the temps have to be to MAX cold just to keep the milk at normal cold temps, I gave up.
Hubby helped me get the fridge in from the shed, I am SO glad that when we moved we didn't sell the old one...a new one would have costs us a grand since I really would rather a side by side, but since I had this one, I decided that it would do til either we get rich, or it dies, which ever comes first.
Two hours after I started making room for it, it is chilling. Tomorrow after FIL's retirement party, I will be transferring the contents of fridge dead into the newer one, and Monday dead fridge will go to the curb.

Bug spent most of the day just playing outside, she loves her new swing set, and I love that the temps are cool enough here to let her stay out and play.

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