Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a Wonderful Day

Bug is being pretty good, has been most of the second half of last week, now that she is back to sleeping up in her room everything is falling back into normal.

Church was awesome, I Love the songs we started with, God moved in such an amazing way during the Praise and Worship that the actual surmon seemed to fly by. I'll Fly Away followed by This is How we Overcome by Hillsong
Your light broke through my night
Restored exceeding joy
Your grace fell like the rain
And made this desert live
You have turned my mourning into dancing
You have turned my sorrow into joy
Your hand lifted me up
I stand on higher ground
Your praise rose in my heart
And made this valley sing
This is how we overcome
This is how we overcome

1 comment:

mertenjourneys said...

Im glad that you had such a good day. Its always such a huge blessing when God shows up and shows off.