Monday, July 16, 2007

First Day of Homeschool

Covering a lot of ground today, whew... We took the month of June and half of July off of school for birthdays and daddy's somewhat Michigan, almost every industry revolves around the auto industry so for the last two weeks work was sparse and daddy got lots of short days, we were happy to have him home, but are also glad to have things back to normal for school to resume.

We school almost year round so that we have time to take time off if we need it at any point.
Today, Bug is reviewing writing her numbers, she will read a book to me this afternoon and do a phonics lesson from Alpha Omega, We are using Horizons 1st Grade this year.
She is also learning the basic facts about states this year thanks to a Crayola Coloring book we got from Office Depot this weekend. We are doing them in the order they joined the union so this week is Delaware, its flag, state tree, state bird, state flower and capitol.

Well its breakfast time before the long day ahead. Have a blessed day.

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