Monday, August 6, 2007

Staying on Budget with a Pantry Challenge

With an extra tight budget for the next two weeks but it really needs to stay even if the overtime comes back.
So I am off to a Pantry Challenge, I have a good stock of foods, but menu planning has been a challenge this summer.
Tonight was our last day going out to eat for at least the next 13 days. We just need to stop, no ifs ands or buts about it.

So, Tomorrow, we are beginnign a pantry challenge (my goal is to spend less than $15 including Milk)

Tuesday, We are having Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (all pantry)
Wednesday, We are having Chicken Quesadilla's with Sour cream Salsa (all Pantry)
Thursday, We are having Pizza Bread Sandwiches (Pepperoni, Cheese, bacon in frozen yeast rolls risen, flattened and sandwiched) (all in Pantry)
Friday, We are having Steak, Crock Pot baked Potatoes, Mushrooms and Onions (Baked Potatoes on sale for $1.79 for 3lbs, extras will be converted into twice baked potatoes and frozen)
Saturday, we tend to Graze on Saturdays, so we are having a relish tray of sliced Cucumbers (free) Bell Pepper(free) from DH's Coworkers Garden) as well as cherry tomatoes ($1.49 a pint) and Radishes (89c) and Baby Carrots (99c) we are also having BBQ sausages (1.99) and Kings Hawaiian Rolls (1.99) for a total for the day of about 7.50
Sunday, we are having Nacho pizza rolls with chips and cheese as a snack 2.79 for chips AND cheese

Grand total for week $11.93

Next week wont be quite as cheap, unfortunately, but it wont be horrible either.

Monday we will have Chicken Quesadilla's again (a family favorite) will need tortillas (1.99)
Tuesday We are having Lasagna only need the cottage Cheese $1.49 Aldis
Wednesday Pepperoni Cheese Bread, will be making the crust from scratch this time so will just need Mozzarella cheese $2 for 8 oz
Thursday we are having Pork Satay, I have to use the pork, sooner or later, so why not sooner, will make crab Rangoon to go with it, Crab is 1.99, Cream cheese, is $1, and the won ton wrappers should be under 1.99
Friday I am trying my hand at making Chicken Shack style food (to make up for not going out to eat) I am going to Barbecue Breaded Tenders and Butter some McCain's Roasters with a spiced Butter sauce, we shall see how close it tastes. $1.50 for the BBQ sauce (would love to go get a bottle of theirs, but that's not in the budget this week)
Saturday, we are having BBQ ribs and Burgers, corn on the cob and a sandwich fixings, Tomatoes 99c lb, buns, 49c at Aldis and the corn is 1.99 for 12 ears... the leftovers will be frozen.
Sunday, Smoked Sausage $1.99, Scalloped Potatoes (pantry) and Garlic green Beans (Pantry)
Total spent...17.42 plus $2.50 for a gallon of milk
Anything else we spend for the next two weeks will be for storage for restocking for next week.

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