Monday, August 20, 2007

School days

So much for following a plan, I thought we were going to work on Math, Phonics, History, and Geography today, Oh well.
We ended up working on Handwriting and Bible, As you can see, the creative little project here, Genesis 1:31, Each word is on a flower, and each flower attached to a Pipe Cleaner half and then its taped to the pot, Glue and pipe cleaners don't work very well together in our experience.
Bug had a blast coloring, taping and arranging. The Template came from Here.
We then went to and made a custom tracer page with the same verse for handwriting.
Altogether we had a very good day with school today.
I don't worry that we didn't get as much done as I would have liked, she is already 24 lessons into the Kindergarten Math curriculum.
Local schools don't start for 15 days, so she is still way ahead, and her phonics is first grade anyhow to keep up with her reading ability.
Tis life.

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