Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh Why, Oh Why, Did my bug Turn Five?

If anyone tries telling you parenting is easy, they aren't one. This past few days around here has been HARD. Bug is going through a stage of being downright defiant. It is taxing DH and I to near breaking...I cry out to God for help, I honestly wonder if he hears me.
If there is one thing I want my child to learn more than anything else its to be obedient. In her future, there will likely be a husband, maybe a boss, we will be here for for several more years, and many other authority figures surround us.
She is learning of consequences. On one hand I hate seeing my child upset, but for reasons beyond my comprehension, when things do not work, she loses her temper and hits or just outright tries to hurt us. I am nervous, at times, when we think about the fact we are trying to have another baby (have been for 5 years now) because she has these horrible mood swings into violence.
We are firm, non yielding parents. Her words cut like a knife "I was being good, yet you were mean to me" generally the response we get when we say no to a request, be it reasonable or not. Most of the time my response is trite, that you have to be good more than just when you want things, and I put away what she is begging for....guess what that gives us....can you guess?? exactly, MORE FITS. I have tried all sorts of discipline, nothing seems to give permanent results. most of the time now, I just ignore the fits and make her take some alone time. Hopefully she will learn something from all of this, if not, I seriously pray that this is just a phase and "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"
Oh why, oh Why, did my bug turn five?

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