Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fair Fun

Saturday was a Beautiful day, DH had to work in the morning, not a fun thing, but two hours of overtime is a blessing. When he got home, we got Bug ready to go, and headed out to the local fair.

Ok, we live in a large city, so after driving nearly an hour to get there, and having to deal with a 30 minute delay for a quarter mile of construction we were really praying that it was worth it. It was.

We parked across the street in a nice little home lot, what a pleasant way to make a quick buck, renting out your yard, Parking was $5 a car....not too bad and I was prepared for it...I think next year we are going to save so we can spend more money.

Admission was $14 for both DH and I, Bug was free since she is under 8.

Then we paid for an Ice Cream Cone filled with animal feed during the petting farm.

First we got to see the cows and bulls, there was an 8 day old black and white calf, she was so sweet but sleepy.

Then we saw the above cows, Sorry for the date stamp, I forgot to reset it when I charged the batteries.
The brown one, silly thing was lounged out across the black one, It almost looked as if they were kissing, too cute.

Our next stop was the petting farm, my whole reason for wanting to go. Originally, Bug had NO interest in feeding the animals, but the money went to 4h which I would like to see about getting her involved in eventually, so it was a good dollar spent.

We saw chicks, a calf (about two or three weeks old) a sheep, some hens and roosters, Rabbits, a Llama, a pony, some Ducks and more goats than you can imagine. They are who got most of the food, they are the coolest animals we even got to see a new baby goat, and it was frightened by all the other goats, they kept picking on him.

We also saw a live carousel (reason we need to save more money, as that was something Bug really wanted to go on, but the price wasn't in our reach since I didn't take year it will be more like our vacation day)

We did not see horses or Pigs this year, not sure why, but we never did find them.

we did see some Chain saw sculptures a Cowboy boot, a raccoon, a bird and a few other things, they were really neat.

We went and saw the entries, that's when we decided that the 4h really is something Bug is interested in....there are things that are not all about the animals, but other things that we CAN do in the city.
Then we went to the merchants, another place I wish I had had more to spend, we got some Watkins double strength Vanilla and Barbecue Sauce concentrate.

We had Hot dogs and a Knackwurst for lunch and headed home.

Its truly surprising how much we got done in just 3 hours of fair walking.

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