Friday, January 11, 2008

As you know, by fasting and praying, the enemy decides its attack time. Dh and I have been fighting alot, neither of us felt like the other one really cared about them. Bug has been in more trouble than conceivable. I can feel God moving in our lives, but I can also feel Satan working overtime to get in the way.

We have been working through our school set up for January, Lauren is doing so well working through her first grade phonics. She has gotten to the 3rd week and the work is getting quite challenging for her, to the point where I may even split each lesson into two lessons, but that is the joy of homeschooling; I can do what works for her. She is working through two Kindergarten Math lessons per day too. If I break the Phonics into two we will add a 3rd math lesson though.

Her routine will need to be sound by the end of January though, We are down one week, and have two more complete weeks to get through first though.

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