Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Hold

That is our First Grade Phonics program is taking a week or two off, probably even more than that, I will have to restart after surgery, we will review all we have learned, but I think we are going to slow down the pace A LOT, because we are having behavior issues.

Yesterday Lauren got stuck eating a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, ok, I know a Peanut butter sandwich isn't bad for her, but the reason she got to eat it is why we are slowing down her school. She decided, while I was cooking dinner, to go make a snack for her and daddy for just in case they got hungry...

We are having some major eating issues here if we are not busy all that child does is eat. Now, at least she makes pretty healthy choices, she doesn't nosh on cookies, candy, Popsicles, and other junk food, its generally fruit, veggies, and Peanut butter sandwiches. But a 5 year old only needs so much to eat in a day, and she is aiming to eat those amounts before lunch most days.

We are also going back and working on some hygiene and manners as they have once again gotten out of hand. One little slip up seems to turn into a constant battle fairly quickly.
Oh the things you learn as you raise your family.

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