Tuesday, March 10, 2009


How do you know if you are called into the ministry?
One of the biggest clues to knowing is if your calling is correct is if when you pray for someone and the prayers actually match their needs.

I got a strange message from someone this week. They feel called into ministry, yet time after time I see something totally different.
I have been a Christian for more than half my life, I have worked in ministry, been active in many many ministries, and never once had someone tell me that what I prayed for them was inaccurate towards their circumstances.

We have been having a lot of struggles recently but God has continued to bless our family, anyone who has read my blog can see that, He has been my strength time and again. This week was very very rough for me, but yesterday I saw a bright spot and shared the positive....I thought it was a good thing to do since this "friend" has been struggling in her own life.

Well, she comes back to me in a text that she sees a dark cloud over my life and that I cant see the silver lining and cant see Gods blessings, HUH? Say what? I have been sharing with her how God has been my strenght and provisions all along, I have shared with people even in the hospital how he has been the only reason I've been able to stay hopeful.
Ok, I lost it, I did write back but How can you go into ministry and be so off? She has written me many times in deep despair about how she is struggling to trust God in her problems? is she seeing her and translating to me? I don't know, but this is not referring to me.
I know God is in control, our financial situation brought me a close friend in church, my health situation has been a testimony to many people over many years.
God has always used it...I am not afraid of the next steps, as he has directed this for almost 20 years now, what is there to be afraid of.

God is in control...I am not, nor would I want to be. I would mess things up, I like things to be in order, his order is perfect, mine is not necessarily perfect in his way. I am confident that whatever happens will happen for the reasons he has guided.

As someone going into the ministry, I would hope that people would thoroughally pray and make sure that they are sure that they are in the whole will of God when they speak to someone else, making sure that what they are saying is for that person. I know I am in no way what that was for this is not the first time someone has done this to me. As a matter of fact someone out of the will of God just like that drove me out of church many years ago questioning my faith because I trusted God to go through my first surgery with my PTC...Hmm, God was in control then, used me right there in the hospital to witness to the nurse who needed to be brought back to him...I don't think it was a coincidence that he kept me overnight, he needed me to speak to THAT nurse...no I didn't push God, I just said that I wasn't afraid that God was going to make everything ok, and she asked how I knew, and I answered. When I was in the hospital last February each different floor had a purpose, an aide wanted to know why I was crying, I was singing praise songs because I was praying I was so stressed out, I was singing Matt Redmonds song You Never Let Go, She understood the maker and we talked for almost an hour about how great God really is, even in a hospital room after a heart attack I was more than happy to share Gods love.
He is amazing anywhere.

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