Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rain makes me miserable

And today is a rainy day.
I slept til 10am, got up and my head is just throbbing, I hurt all the way down my right side, we wont mention that my left leg is hurting too.

I am working on my business paper too, its driving me insane, I cant think straight, because thinking hurts. breathing hurts, I see Dr. Turner in ONE week, and I have to let him know that I have contemplated a trip to the ER on at least 4 occasions in the last 5 weeks, thats too often.

I am praying for the disability to go through soon. I am so tired of being in constnat pain. Praying CHris gets a job with good insurance if I get full disability because unless I get a VP shunt, and the Chiari fixed 2 good days a week is not enough to carry a full time job.

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