Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why I am Glad we Homeschool

It has been a very rough year for my family, between me being very sick for over a year, my husband losing his job, and us moving...our lives have been turned upside down.

Lauren is currently working at a 1st grade level in all but reading, there she is reading at almost a 4th grade level, her comprehension is remarkable.

If we had put her in school when we were pushed to, I am afraid she would have missed a lot of time, I could have never gotten her to the bus or to the school when I was so sick, Chris had to be to work way before our public schools started and I could barely get out of the house to get to doctors appointments.

Now when I was all dopey, we did school on my bed, she climbed up and we did our lessons right there, she never got behind and things kept going. When we moved, she did not get behind, when we got all the obnoxious snow this year she did not get snow days, or it was converted into school lessons, she learned about its formation and about the weather patterns.

I would not trade homeschooling. Even when I get better, we will still homeschool, we all find it much better to take the time to teach her at home she is learning far more than she would and we are happier with this choice.

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