Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost caught up

Oh my has it been a hectic last few days.

On Friday I battled the doctors office, I won, sort of.
Monday was the start of school, this module I have medical terminology and Medical office Administration
Tuesday I had to go go go

I picked up my paperwork (was made late which made the rest of the day a bit stressful) then I had my bone scan, that was pure torture, then I picked up Chris and we went to secretary of state to get my handicap sticker, another 6 months, the diagnosis he used, Lumbar Disease...after taking the first day of Med terminology it made me laugh pretty hard to see it written in lay mans terms. Then it was off to do Laundry at the in laws. I got home just after 9pm, I was and still am so tired.

Tonight I have class and am actually excited I can't believe I am really doing this.

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