Saturday, August 2, 2008

Editing the purpose of this blog and begining a new one

Because of all that has happened the last 6 months, I have decided to repurpose this blog, ok, I am not really changing much, just the description, and topics that were SUPPOSED to be covered.

This was originally my blog to journal our homeschool adventures, when I got sick, that kinda fell out the window with a huge thud. Our homeschooling kinda went out the window too, thank goodness that Lauren is smart and was already ahead in a lot of areas.

This blog will now officially serve as by Chiari/PTC journey and will remain Momma's Thoughts because I am still Momma and they are still my thoughts, even as scrambled as they have been this past few months.

Lauren's Homeschool Journal can be found here. We will officially begin posting there when we begin our new year. I will be tracking entries by school day and date since we are required 180 days of school.

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