Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yippee, I get a new doctor

A physiatrist, can't you see my excitement.

I saw the orthopedic surgeon today, got the results of my bone scan, which found arthritis in both knees and my left foot. It also found muscle issues below the knee in the left leg.

The results of my MRI, Fluid on the knee, degeneration of the meniscus. Basically a pretty normal result.

The reason he is sending me to a Physiatrist is because the knee needs a lot more work and he thinks this is not JUST an orthopedic issue, NOT just a muscular issue, and Not just a Neuro issue and a Physiatrist works with all three.

I call and schedule the appointment tomorrow, since by the time I had CHOSEN a doctor all of their offices are closed.

At least school is going good. I am happy and doing great. Even applied for a couple jobs already.

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