Saturday, August 16, 2008

Since I can't say this outloud...

I have to say it here, but

Monday Can't come fast enough

See Chris would have a cow if he knew I was wishing for Monday, but with being in constant unbearable pain and only wanting to sleep, I need to make a list for the neurosurgeon. I want to know why the headaches have gotten so much worse in the last three months.

I have lost 8 pounds, which was a challenge in and of itself since I am still not able to walk more than a short walk. I have been taking the Inderal LA, which reduced ONE headache but the rest just got worse to make up for the other one.

I kinda want a spinal tap but I am not feeling confident that this is all pressure, but even if it is, lol, with the chiari, the pressure would still be there and who knows which is causing my life to be a living hell?

I have been studying and doing regular routines trying to help remind me not to give up. Classes seem long and challenging, 5 hours a night for 6 weeks at a time seems impossible today, but I am sure I will learn what I need to and all will go well. I did get a 100% on my first quiz.

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