Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pain pain go away

I am so tired of hurting. Today I can not justify the pain in any way, its a cool 75 outside, the wind is blowing and the humidity is pretty low as well.

Last night when the headache started, I was in class, we were laughing and enjoying ourselves, getting to know our classmates while the teachers were all out in a meeting. However, by about 10:30pm I was having massive dizzy spells and the headache was growing out of control. I came home, read my work, sort of, I will finish reading tomorrow since I decided to work on some more of today's work.
I did more than I needed to since I was reading ahead to make sure I have the info down. I was in bed by a few after midnight, and I woke up feeling 10 times worse, yuck.

Today Lauren has been really good, I love that little munchkin behaving like she has been.
I wish it was a constant.

Hopefully Monday we will get some answers.

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