Monday, August 18, 2008

Today was the LAST time I will take Lauren with me

Oh my goodness, he was an HOUR late, and I had the FIRST appointment.
Because of all the waiting, Lauren was a real pain in the you know where and I forgot to ask him many of the questions because I just wanted to get out of there ASAP at that point.

I did get that he thinks my headaches might be caused by inflammation (of what, I do not know) and he prescribed naprosyn lol, prescription strength aleeve, my goodness what a joke. In a month I am to call to let them know if it did anything....which I am NOT counting on and see what he wants to do next...if it does work, I am to call and they will refill the script.

I do have a follow up scheduled for February, I am seriously wondering why and what the point is...unless of course that is when he will reorder the mri's and whatnot. In the meantime I suffer.

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