Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Day Another Doctors Appointment

This morning was a very busy morning.
We gave ourselves some time to get to the office, Detroit can have lots of traffic if you catch it at just the right time, today that wasn't the case, we arrived a half an hour early.

After a 2 and a half hour appointment, we are in the same place we were 3 months ago. There is no new vision loss, I didn't expect to see any new damage, ideally we shouldn't see any at all because of the surgery from 10 years ago.
There is some new swelling on the right side, its slight so livable.
My visual fields are stable. Looking at them they looked down right good to me, I remember when the whole thing was almost black, now they are mostly clear with some grey and black spots. The Black are blind spots and the grey is where I have trouble seeing some of the lights but not the brightest ones.

The headaches are still REALLY bad, I have felt worse and worse each day, but I am not so certain of their cause anymore. Especially in light of the stable vision and other odd symptoms.

I don't go back for 4 months because its stable, hopefully it will get to every 6 months, but it will likely always be more than once a year.

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