Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Visit with MIL

Today was my mother in laws birthday, we don't usually get along and with the way I have been feeling I was hesitant to go see her.

I am trying VERY hard though.

It was well worth it, she gave me the name of her Lawyer so I can finish filing for disability.
She showed us about a new pasta thats ZERO carb and Zero Calorie, its pure fiber, I will try it, if I like it, I will order some...when a pasta craving comes, I would love to fill it with a healthy alternative, she has Celiacs, so I know it has to be good for her to get it.

We talked alot about where she has been and where I have been, I am thinking she may have the CHiari too, her symptoms are the same as mine almost exactly, she is going to talk to her doctor tomorrow and see if she has any experience treating with Cranial Sacral therapy. I have also talked to her about whats wrong with was a really good visit, I am glad my pain meds got filled because I wouldn't have made it without pain is not very happy with not being taken care of.

TOday I have been in quite a bit of pain, I filled my vicodin this morning, I have taken only 2 caplets, but I want them to last, so I won't take more til the pain is unbearable again.

Maybe about an hour from now, when I am taking my Clonazapam, that ought to really help me sleep good.

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