Friday, April 3, 2009

My Trip to Henry Ford

Last night I lost my battle to wait this out.
I gave up.
I felt like such a failure....hold it, who did I fail?
I did not fail reality, by waiting, I would have been failing myself more.

I headed up to Henry Ford after school last night. I thought it was going to be a long wait to get in since the ER waiting room was quite full.

I waited all of 5 minutes or so.

I was seen by a nurse, she took my medical history. I was in unbearable pain.
I was seen just a little bit later by the ER doc.
He walks in and says someone has a headache...well DUH. He was great though.
He got me all set for a tap almost no questions asked, then he had lots of questions.
When was your last CT, who is your Neurologist, when did you see him last, etc
The first one was hard, I don't recall, the second one was EASY Isaac Turner, the BEST Neurologist in South East Michigan. and Obviously the third was easy too, Uhm, yesterday.
He called Dr. Turner to get his blessing to do the tap. There was a miscommunication between Dr. Turner and I in his office, but he will get over it...I make my medical decisions, he just helps...I trust him alot, but the decision he was making in that case, I didn't feel comfortable with at all.
Dr. Turner did order the Spinal tap for me, with orders to bring my pressure down to 18, that reduced my pressure by half...made me a bit dizzy am still light headed and nauseas.

Up in Anesthesiology, the Dr was absolutely amazing. He got the needle in first try, used lots of anesthetic so I didn't feel any thing til he took the needle back out. Talked while draining it and he and the nurse Shawne were just great to be around, I felt a sense of

God really truly brought me on THIS day, because I needed THIS staff, the nurse who was my nurse upstairs doesn't usually work nights, but last night she worked a double shift. The doc in the ER did not question my certainty that I knew what I needed and wanted, and that it was going to be OK.
I am so glad I didn't wait.

I feel better knowing I am taking care of myself. Even if its hard.

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