Saturday, April 18, 2009

one step forward two steps Back


Ok now that I got that out.
Its been a good few days. Thursday I felt mostly ok, Friday I felt GOOD for most of the day, a REAL treat....then BOOM, Friday evening I realized I had overdone it significantly when before 8pm I was in Massive amounts of pain.

Saturday I woke up feeling once again like I had been hit by that freight train, My God will this NEVER end?

I took two vicodin (which I had avoided the last two days) BEFORE noon, I left class early because I was not able to function at all.

I feel so awful, If I thought another Spinal Tap would help I would go back to the hospital...its THAT bad.
I didn't get enough relief to go through that again.

I will be dealing with this til June, but I now officially think its time to call the lawyer in hopes that I don't NEED to appeal.

How can I function like this?

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