Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home from Detroit

Well, lets see, we have two known diagnoses, I had them before I walked in so I knew they were there.

We had three Neurosurgical consults, don't know why I had to schedule an appointment with my neurosurgeon if I had all these consults, but I was told to, so I am going.

I also have an appointment with opthamology, my vision has been affected with this latest bout of PTC, so I have to have an eye exam to see how much and why.

My manual fields were not that great, so I have to have regular fields.YUCK.
My head is getting a wee bit better, but I have been on Morphine all day and tomorrow I am going to pick up a script of Vicodin.

I am tired now, and I will be taking my Clonazapam, and going to sleep early, hoping for about 7 hours tonight.

I will know more Tomorrow and Monday on whats going on with my brain.

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