Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mostly Great Day

Today has been very long.

I got to go to Church this morning. I love my church and being sick last week I missed and oh man, I missed it big time.

Lauren and Faith had a bickerment (not quite a fight, but Laurens feelings got hurt)

I came home and made my last non raw meal for the next 10 days, we had a spiral sliced ham and mashed twice baked potatoes.

I have taken 3 half doses of Vicodin (it doesn't last 6 hours, so I take half doses so I can take it more often) Anyhow, usualy a half dose will last me about 3 ho(where a whole dose only lasts me 4.5 hours) So I took my first one when I started having major blind spots in my vision, my head was KILLING me, but I took my meds.

About 2 hours later, still has not kicked in, crap, Take another pill, that was an hour short of what I usually get...took over an hour to kick in, and only worked about an hour, Ok, now I am irritated...wait, wait, wait...its now been 3 hours, lets take another one, and Hope....that was 3 hours ago, I took the Klonopin to knock me out 2 hours ago and guess what I am still awake and still in pain.

Gives a new appreciation for what Christ went through on the Cross, Today was resurrection sunday...and Christ died on the cross for our sins, the ultimate sufffering, but I dont know how much suffering I can handle.

Tomorrow I see Dr. G, I hope he has ANSWERS for me, and not just lets slice and dice .

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