Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today has been really rough

I saw Dr. Turner this morning, He is Amazing.
Reality hits
The topamax is NOT working, so he took me off of that
The Flexeril is not working, so I only need to take that when I REALLY need it
He gave me Clonazepam to try so I can get some sleep, HOPEFULLY

He told me to make up what I remember about what I was told for restrictions based off of the headaches, its not really in reacords anyhow.

If I go to the ER, He wants me to be sure that I get a Spinal tap in the proper position (duh, sorry, that made me laugh, and it hurts to laugh) He wont order it because he knows our financial concerns, and he is willing to wait til we have medicaid otherwise...even though he doesn't want to.
He was willing to have me go to the ER in Detroit and just see residents, however, they turned me away WITH insurance...and he was furious.

THe docs he is going to recommend for after I get disability (and or insurance) don't accept medicaid, so it will have to wait til after we have medicare. I am totally stressed over waiting.

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