Sunday, November 4, 2007

How much Time do you Have?

We have NO time, are you surprised?

Church today was about Moses, and trusting God when he gives us instructions to Leave what we are comfortable and Go where we may not be comfortable or even know where our provisions are going to come from.

Last night when I was sitting in prayer, I had been thinking about a wonderful list I had found on another blog, it was about housework and time management for Mothers, anyhow, I had been really feeling convicted about how I manage my time, especially lately with being sick.

Needless to say, I started working through the list one item at a time to sort out my priorities. I included two bible reading times in my day, but both were to read to Bug. I really don't feel that's enough, nor is it appropriate. So I started praying about time, we have no time, its all God's time. He wants ALL of us, All of our Family, all of our Time, All of our finances, he truly is Lord of All.
I realize that my prayer time is not on my schedule, not that I don't pray daily, but I never included it on my schedule. I spend the last half hour to hour before I come to bed in prayer and praise. I listen to All Worship (my favorite Satellite radio station on sky Angel) and spend that time in prayer.
I seem to pray better while listening to worship music, don't know why, but it really helps me immensely.

You can listen to my current favorite worship song Here.
Its amazing how a song can touch you so much in just moments.

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