Thursday, November 1, 2007

God Has Not Given Us

A spirit of fear. But he has given unto us, a spirit of Love, a spirit of Power, and of strong mind.

I am not going hunting to figure out exactly where that comes from this morning, but the reality is, God is not the one who allows us to be overcome with fear, stress, or worry. That is our lack of faith as we prepare for what we are about to embark upon.

For me, its starting over with a new doc.
For you, it could be anything, life is full of new unknowns.
While they remain unknown to us, our heavenly father though, knows all, sees all, and is there to hold his children as they go through these trials and tribulations.

Only our God cares enough to do that, not a one of our friends or family care that much about us, though often they would like us to think they care that much (its impossible)

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