Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feeling accomplished despite feeling like crap

Today we got a lot done. Check deposited, groceries bought, Laundry to get it put away.

My head and chest are still killing me, but I did manage to go pick up some cold medicines (vaporub and cough drops) I plan on going to bed early and sleeping HARD tonight. Hopefully this will be gone soon.

I also misstepped, I have been fairly pain free in my legs this week, probably because I have been off of them for all but very short stints....this cold has really knocked me down. This afternoon on my way to go get the vaporub and cough drops I was going down the steps of our porch...not thinking about the fact that for the last NINE months I have had to go a very particular way up and down since my Left leg will not bear weight on any uneven surface....well normal people take the steps foot step, other foot next step, and either foot can go down first, I can't.

Since I hadn't been really hurting, I didn't think about it, and went down right foot first, DUMB MOVE, I nearly ended up on my head, the left leg gave way and I have been in a ridiculous amount of pain ever since.
I feel ridiculous since I have been doing this for so long...its not a mistake I should have made.

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