Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still sick

Ugh, colds are not supposed to last this long, nor are they supposed to develop stomach issues.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit better, or so I thought, today I felt like we had taken two steps backwards though and I feel more miserable than before.

I did however manage to get the local community college called today, we will be setting up to start classes in January if I get the proper financial aid, they are going to try appealing the pell grant decision as well.

We will be doing Health Information Technology, I have talked to a few people and they all say that I am not ready to do the nursing program, maybe in two years when I complete my associates I will be, but right now I am not going to try to kill myself, and who knows, I may find I LIKE the office work more than I think I will.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this time off, we have been focusing more on school with Lauren and I would have missed the first week anyhow as I have been SO sick.
My headaches are getting worse too, but I see no point in calling the doctors since Dr. Guthikonda just wants me to wait it out as long as I can anyhow....I see Dr. Silverman next month and if we aren't improving, I will ask for a spinal tap though....I want to give it til the end of next month though as its been so rough.

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