Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weird Day

Today has been different.
We dealt with many issues of varying intensities.

I had a rough go with Lauren this afternoon, she wound up in time out for half an hour due to hitting...came out with a better attitude.

Chris and I dealt with Keys for Kids issues today as they dealt with blaming others for actions that neither party controlled.

then my sister and I got into it, over I am not quite sure what exactly, since I don't think it was what the blow up seemed to be about. Basically she was upset because Lauren acts up while we are on the phone and she only hears the negatives....I don't know really.

Then I talked to my dad, which helped calm me down, I have been so blessed with an AWESOME family, even through tough times.

God blessed me with Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, a time for everything, yes, right now it seems EVERYONE is having a tough time, but you know what, God works through those tough times. He blesses us when we don't deserve it, he provides our needs, not necessarily our wants, but our needs are always met.

Today we were blessed with curriculum in the mail Borrowed from a friend, but it didn't cost me a dime.
Yesterday Chris and I were blessed with some alone time, a date of sorts, something we needed to reconnect.
Today I was able to rearrange some furniture, it was a cool bonding time for Lauren and I, she had a blast helping me move things.

ya, its been rough, but its all good, because Romans 8:28 says ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

It doesn't say some, it says ALL. And yes, all includes the bad things too.

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