Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time for a New doc, AGAIN

This morning I got my blood work results back, GRRRRRRR

Ok, I do appreciate knowing whats wrong with me, I just wish we had ALL of the answers instead of just some.

He ran about 27 blood tests, and no I am not going back to verify the count.

Out of those 27 tests, most came back NORMAL...unfortunately most aren't all.

My Uric Acid is High, watch for gout (don't even know what that is, but he explained it pretty well) Early warning, not diagnosed...be aware.

Calcium-low, take a tums a day (yuck)

b-12 Very low, he wants to see it nearly triple where its at, so I am to take a supplement, 1000mcg daily.

glucose Tolerance-abnormal, reduce carbs, increase protein, no between meal snacks unless its a veggie and a protein specifically green veggies- only whole grains allowed. Move after every meal, my housework should improve since he says even that is moving.

I thought he was done, Grumble.
He ran screens for Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Factor Negative YAY
There's more, Uh Oh... Is there a history of Lupus in your family....uhm, not to my knowledge, WHY?
ESR level 43 (should be under 20) Grrr, don't even know what that test is for, but its got something to do with Lupus
ANA titre 1:1280 Should be 1:80 or less, that's the Lupus antibody, it is concentrated out of the blood, but he says I have quite a bit of it in my blood...grrrr

In Summary, I do NOT have Gout, I need to watch it.
I do NOT have Diabetes, I need to watch it.
I do NOT know if I have Lupus, I have a referral to get a definitive diagnosis....that appointment could go something like "Charlotte, you do not have Lupus, and you will be fine" but I was warned it will probably be more like "Charlotte, We can't make a definitive diagnosis right now but we will need to keep an eye on this and we will see you back in x months" OR, and this is the one I don't want to hear....."Charlotte, with all the tests you have had done, with all the symptoms you have or have had, it is clear that you do have Lupus and this is how we are going to treat it right now"

Ok, I love, LOVE, my rehab doctor, he is great, he is calming, he is reassuring, he is just plain awesome.
He referred me to the Rheumatologist, said flat out that I won't like her, she doesn't have a good bedside manner, but that she is good at what she does. I will deal with that, I guess.
I made the appointment, I see her November 17th at 1:30pm, appointment is expected to last about 90 minutes...woo hoo.

I had Lauren with me this morning because I knew it would be a fairly quick appointment, and guess what, his kids all 5 of them are homeschooled, YES my doctor homeschools his kids (or rather his wife, who is also a doctor, homeschools their kids) Isn't that just awesome?
He is a Christian, Homeschool dad, and an awesome doctor, I think I hit the jackpot, not to mention he actually talks to me like I can understand him instead of talking down to me....answers questions if I am confused and doesn't get irritated with questions....he is actually approachable. I am SO blessed...
If I have to go through all of this, at least I am in the best hands, I feel God really provided what he knew I would need to get through this walk.

I remember ten years ago this month when I met Dr. Ing at Kresge, I was terrified, he was the same kind of doctor....someone I did not fear going to because they weren't there to criticize but rather to help. And help they did... I love looking back now and seeing how God met the needs I had right when I needed them most.

Even now, I was a bit nervous about this blood work (although the only result I was expecting was the GTT results since I haven't had a true normal test ever and I have had them for 20 years) I wasn't expecting the other abnormal results.... But rather than get depressed, I actually feel confident, a little nervous (I am always nervous when it comes to new docs) but I just know God is going to work through whatever the results may be.

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