Monday, October 29, 2007

No News is Good News

But, when you get news from a doctors office, its generally NOT good news.

Sunday mornings are not the days I ever would have expected to hear from the doctors office, but that's the time they called. My follow up has been changed, its not appearing to be my shunt after all. OK, I realize that may sound like Good news, but in reality its not.

I suffered for 111 months for them to find an original diagnosis. Granted, I continued to live my life, graduated High school, went to college, worked, made friends....some that last a lifetime...But, I was in pain of varying intensities the whole time. In 1998 that wise PA helped me immensely. A diagnosis meant a treatment that would at least ease the pain a bit.

1999 brought the optic nerve sheath fenestration, 2000 brought me another week in the hospital as did 2001 The shunt was the first long lasting relief. So finding out that that's not the problem means we get to see what exactly the problem happens to be. I get to start anew with a new Neurologist, and who knows what will come. My faith in doctors has always been a bit shaky. After all, they are only human, and don't comprehend everything about all problems.

My easy fix has become complicated and I don't even know how complicated it will be.
Will keep ya posted.

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